Here we have a short comparison of various suspension forks that can be used for dj/park/street purposes.

Fork manufacturer Model Model year Spring type Stanchion diameter  Axle  Travel (mm)

Steerer (inches)

RRP (GBP) A2C (mm)

Claimed weight (g)

Userfound weight   (g)

Link to manufacturer overview
Manitou Circus expert '13 Air/Spring Hybrid 32mm 20mm 80-100/140 1.1/8" or Tapered £360 478 1946 ~2039 Click here
Rockshox Argyle RCT '14 Air 32mm 20mm 100 1.1/8" £600 2016 ~ Click here
Fox 831 FIT CTD '14 Air 32mm 15mm 100-120 Tapered 779 1700 Click here
Marzocchi DJ1 '14 Coil+Air Preload 32mm 20mm 100 1.1/8" or Tapered 2250 Click here



  • Argyle RCT 2014 (Black)
  • Manitou Circus Expert 2013 (Black)
  • Fox 831 2014
  • 2014 Marzocchi DJ1 (White)

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